Send a Digital Flower via the Flowerling App and Have a Real Tree Planted
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Send a Digital Flower via the Flowerling App and Have a Real Tree Planted

Flowers make a wonderful gift for almost any occasion - holidays, birthday, anniversary, graduation, housewarming, Get Well Soon, Thank You, Be My Valentine...just to name a few. But unfortunately they can't be a gift that will last. No matter how much care you give to a beautiful bouquet you receive, it is bound to wither and die in a matter of days. I hate to see those expensive flowers going into trash. It's really wasteful, especially when you take into account the layers of elegant wrapping paper used for presentation, oversized boxes used for delivery and all the carbon footprints associated with packaging, delivery and disposal. To my delight, a new mobile app called Flowerling offers a more socially responsible and eco-friendly way to buy and send flowers. Isn't it cool to send a digital flower in this digital age? Better yet, for each virtual flower sent, a REAL tree will get planted!

The Flowerling app is free to download in iTunes app store and works on both iPhone and iPad. The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to create an account, which is also free and only asks for your name and email. Ready to buy some flowers from the Flowerling store? You will need to purchase coins, with a price range from 99 cents for 5 coins to $9.99 for 55. The coins never expire.

The Flowerling store offers a wide variety of flowers, bouquets and vases starting at 3 coins each. You can browse all the available items by category, or simply type in what you'd like using the search function on the upper right corner of your screen. You can pick your favorite flowers and assemble them into a bouquet. I find the pre-made bouquets to be a more economical option as each costs up to 10 coins (which amounts to just $1.99). That's way much cheaper than sending real followers and there's no need to deal with stinky water ever!

By default, all your purchases will be stored in your greenhouse. You can discover more things to do with each item when you click on it.

Like real flowers, your flowerling ages over time, with a lifespan of 8 days. You can extend that for several days by watering your flowerling or buying food for it. You also have the option to send it to a loved one or compost it. For me, it was fun to water the flowers and see the green bar (which indicates its life span) grow.

My favorite thing about the Flowerling app is that for each flower or bouquet sent, a real tree, a Mangrove tree to be more precise, will be planted in Madagascar in partnership with Eden Reforestation project. To send a flower to show your love, appreciation, gratitude, or whatever, you may choose from what's already stored in your greenhouse or directly from the Flowerling shop.

The Flowerling app allows you to personalize your gift too. You may add a photo to the background, add a text message, or add a vase to hold your flowerling. The app is available internationally, so you can send your personalized gift to anyone in the world by email, text message, direct link, Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop and more.

The recipient can open your gift just using a web browser. They don't have to install the Flowerling app, but they would want to if they'd like to extend the life of the flowerling or to return the favor.

To date, the Flowerling app has helped plant 25,264 trees. Are you ready to join the eco-conscious flower lovers to send flowers digitally and to get real tree planted on your behalf? Download the Flowerling app today and learn more about the Flowerling app below:

Be sure to take advantage of their free trial offer which allows you send 20 flowerlings in 3 days!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for the Flowerling App. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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