Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway
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Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver Blog Tour: Review & Prize Pack Giveaway

A lot of parenting problems are caused, more or less, by communication issues. Ideally children can be honest about their feelings and talk anything over with their parents to achieve mutual understanding. But that's much easier said than done, as evidenced by the flourishing business of Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver, who has developed an expertise in helping his peers fix any problem they may have with their parents.

The way Dewey works very much resembles that of a private investigator. After hearing his client's side of the story, Dewey goes about finding out the underlying cause of the problem, and brainstorms with his friend and assistant Clara, and later on with his team, until they come up with a somewhat crazy, but effective solution. Some unconventional investigation techniques are usually involved, such as sneaking around the house, hiding in the back of the car, eavesdropping, pretending to work on a school project that never exists, and the like. Dewey makes sure that everything be done in a discreet manner and he is serious about making client confidentiality a priority.

Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver is a very smooth and hilarious read for my third-grader. Yes, the book is so funny that I could hear my son laughing out loud in his own room. The contents are very up-to-date to include scenarios that kids living in this digital age can easily relate to. To me, as a parent, the book is entertaining and thought-provoking. The cases Dewey trying to crack reveal various parenting styles(with problems): those who are overly protective but with good intentions(e.g. helicopter mom, germ freak), those who completely ignore their children's feelings (e.g. prank lover), and those who are oblivious of their responsibility as a role model for their kids (e.g. public nose picker).

I love how Dewey has the mentality of a psychiatrist and makes great efforts trying to figure out why the parents in question act the way they do, and how to help them realize their problems in ways that prompt them to make changes. In the process of helping his clients handle their parents, Dewey also helps them learn a lot about what they didn't know about their parents. This also applies to Dewey and his dad, which is the key to solving his very own parent problem. It turns out that even grown-ups may need help face their true feelings at times. No parent is perfect, but no parent problem is insolvable either.

Another of my favorite things about the book is the amazing dynamics between the Dewey-Clara duo. Their age-gap friendship plays an important part in Dewey's success. Besides parent-child relationships, the book also touches upon sibling relationships. The interaction between Dewey and his younger sister is adorable and realistic. The book is a sure fun read for dog lovers too, as Dewey's dog Wolfie, who is named after the author's own, lies at the center of many funny moments in the story. Follow the blog tour to see what others have to say about this book and enter for your chance to win it.

About the Book
Dewey Fairchild, Parent Problem Solver
Written by Lorri Horn
Illustrated by Agnieszka Grochalska

Dewey Fairchild isn’t just good with parents, he’s great with them. He’s so good at handling parents that he’s built a thriving business out of it. He even has a secretary, Clara―a great alibi and an even better baker. Dewey settles the most troublesome of cases, from an overprotective mom who won’t let her child go to class on her own, to a dad who can’t stop picking his nose any chance he gets!

Dewey has no problem handling other people’s parents, but when he overhears his parents talking one day, he faces a challenge he never expected. Dewey can solve any problem parents may cause, but what will he do when the parents who are causing problems are his own?

Ages 9-12 | Publisher: Amberjack Publishing | August 8, 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1944995164

Get your own copy here: Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

About the Author:

Lorri Horn is an educator and an author. She has a degree in English, a teaching credential, has been Nationally Board Certified, and has taught pubic school for over 14 years. She loves cheese (and wants it to be its own food group, which made working on a vegan book a challenge), humor, baking, books, and spending time with her family. Lorri’s background as a career schoolteacher and instructional leader make her especially sympathetic to the needs and perspectives of children, and this sensitivity features in her work as an author. Lorri blogs on her website, Her work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Phi Delta Kappan, The College Board and Mayim’s Vegan Table. Lorri lives in California with her husband, son, and their dog, Wolfie.

About the Illustrator:

Agnieszka Grochalska is an illustrator living and working in Warsaw, Poland. As a child she wanted to be an astronaut or a jet pilot. Eventually she changed her mind and dedicated her keen eye and steady hand to drawing precise and detailed compositions reminiscent of classical storybook illustrations.
She received a MFA in Graphic Arts in 2014, exploring traditional painting, printmaking, and sculpting along the way. Currently she works predominantly in digital medium, striving to make it look as natural as her works drawn traditionally. Her illustrative works were featured in group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad.

Agnieszka enjoys travel and cultural exchange with people from around the world, referencing those experiences in her works alongside the Slavic folklore of her homeland. When she isn’t drawing or traveling, you can find her exploring the worlds of fiction in books and story-driven games.
Agnieszka’s works can be viewed in her online portfolio at

Official Link: Amberjack Publishing

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