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Top Sports Parent Essentials

This is a sponsored post. I received free products to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Moms, or parents in general, often wear many hats at once: chef, caregiver, chauffeur, CCO (chief cleaning officer), teacher, financial manager and event planner, just to name a few. If you've got an active child who loves to play sports, then you may have one more hat to wear, known as the sports parent. Besides providing transportation and cheer leading, one thing of top priority to sports parents is to make sure their little athletes stay hydrated at all times. If you are still on the lookout for the perfect sports drink for your child's next practice or game, I'd suggest you go for BODYARMOR, and your child will thank you for doing so!

BODYARMOR is a premium natural sports drink free from anything artificial. It uses natural sweeteners and is enriched with vitamins, coconut water, and potassium packed electrolytes. It has been the sports drink of choice for many reputable athletes like Dustin Johnson, Skylar Diggins, Andrew Luck, and more. Your child will feel proud and privileged to be getting superior hydration from the same drink as their favorite sports star.

BODYARMOR comes in 8 delicious all-natural flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry, grape and blackout berry. I received a 6-variety pack of BODYARMOR to try out with my kids. All the fruity flavors are unique and tasty. It is really hard to single out any as our only favorite. The kids love the attractive colors that correspond to the flavors. They agree that BODYARMOR is not only thirst-quenching, but also fun to drink. They request to have BODYARMOR added to the things I usually bring to their practices.

BODYARMOR is available at Ralphs and Target in SoCal. You may use the "FIND A STORE" function at to see where BODYARMOR is sold in your local area. Before you head to the store, be sure to print this coupon to save 55¢ off your purchase!

My oldest plays basketball and soccer on a team and also swims competitively. So I'm proud to be a sports mom. Now I've updated my list of top sports parent essentials to include the following (in no particular order):
  • Cotton towels: soft and comfortable to use to wipe away sweat and for a shower
  • Change of clothes: clean and fresh clothes to wear after each sports session
  • Sports drink: all-natural sports drink like BODYARMOR to provide instant hydration
  • Nutritious snacks: nutritious snacks like protein bars, trail mix, dark chocolate, and fresh fruits to provide an energy boost.
  • Sports wear and equipment: any personal items the sports may call for, such as balls, rackets, helmets, uniforms, shoes, etc.
  • Deodorant, shampoo and body wash: needed to keep dirt and odor away :)
Are you a sports parent too? Feel free to share your list of essentials with me in the comments below!

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