Cush Cushion - The World's Most Comfortable Seat Cushion
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Cush Cushion - The World's Most Comfortable Seat Cushion

Back pain is a common yet often chronic ailment that can disrupt our daily activities when it gets serious. It could be caused by injuries, spine problems, obesity, pregnancy, depression, poor posture, sitting for long periods of time, and a number of other situations. While there are lifestyle changes you can make to help alleviate the problem on a long term, you are more likely than not to need something that can provide instant pain relief while assisting the adoption of healthier habits. Invented by a man who suffered from severe back pain due to a herniated disc, Cush Cushion is the world's most comfortable seat cushion that helps improve posture and ease back pain.

Cush Cushion features:
  • 100% high quality, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers. The cushion is eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless. It will not flatten over time. 
  • Instant relief coccyx cut-out, which suspends the tailbone, medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point pressure associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  • New deeper ergonomic shape contoured to fit snugly against your butt as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort.
  • Non-slip bottom keeps the cushion in place so you don't have to worry about it sliding around like a hockey puck.

As someone who sits over 10 hours a day due to the need of desk work, breastfeeding the baby, and my addiction to reading, I have been bothered by lower back pain for several years. It's not very serious but annoying. The pain keeps me from falling asleep every now and then. So I'm really excited about the opportunity to review Cush Cushion. Having used Cush Cushion for two weeks, I have only good things to say about this innovative product. I really love how firm and comfortable the cushion feels underneath. As high quality memory foam is heat responsive, the cushion is molded to fit the exact shape of my body within 30 seconds of initial use. It's been providing the custom fit I need ever since.

I love that Cush Cushion is highly portable and versatile. It's lightweight and can be used on all kinds of seats in and outside my home. The cushion comes with a zipped removable cover, which makes it super easy to clean and care for. I plan to get my hubby and my mom their very own Cush Cushions as well.

Wanna see for yourself how well Cush Cushion works for back pain relief? Order one at and use promo code clubcush to get 10% Off instantly!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a free product to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own and may differ from yours.

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