5 Tips to Becoming A Coconut Water Connoisseur
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5 Tips to Becoming A Coconut Water Connoisseur

While we are trying to beat the summer heat with cooler outfits, it is important for us to stay hydrated in a healthy way. Many of the flavorful drinks children ask for contain preservatives and additives that are produced in a factory and can be harmful. But what if we can provide the same (or better) hydration from something natural, something organic that is packed with loads of nutrients?

That's when I looked into natural sports drink alternatives to help keep my kids hydrated during these hot summer days. Coconut water is known as an all-natural beverage loaded with super-food powers, but with the vast array of options on the market, it was time I explored how to identify truly great coconut water.
I was given the opportunity to try out Harmless Harvest, the first ever Fair-For-Life certified coconut water. It's great tasting and thirst quenching. Here are a few things that make Harmless Harvest stand out as a premium coconut water:
  • It maintains its unique, "straight from the coconut" flavor thanks to its muliti-step micro-filtration process
  • Has a longer shelf life without extra additives or preservatives
  • Is a hydrating all-natural alternative to sports drinks and juices
  • Contains vital nutrients that occur naturally in Harmless Harvest's specific young, green coconuts

Thankfully, Harmless Harvest has shared a few expert tips to help people become coconut water connoisseurs and pick the best product available:

Insider tip #1: Young and beautiful (and nutritious too!)

Age is nothing but a number, right? Not in coconut terms. As coconuts mature, the essential nutrients found in their water begins to seep into the meaty white layer, depleting the coconut water of it's rich contents. Mature coconuts are great for making coconut oil and other coconut products, however, the young coconuts are the ones which have the most nutritious coconut water. Many companies sell you the water from mature coconuts. At Harmless Harvest, they use only young green coconuts which are loaded with the nutritious water that benefits our health.

Insider tip #2: What you see is not always what you taste

Doesn't all coconut water taste the same? NO! There's no need to add any sweetener to the already delicious flavor of young coconut water. Many companies will add a flavor or sweetener to mask the dull taste of mature coconut water. If there is an acidic taste to the beverage, chances are the preservative citric acid was added. A fresh batch of organic coconut water has a distinct taste, a slightly vanilla-almond flavor. So remember, just say no to that citric taste.

Insider tip #3: It's getting hot in here

Fresh coconut water reacts delicately with sunlight and heat, this is why it must be kept cold at all times. Many companies will use extreme heat to kill natural bacteria (which also kills the good enzymes) to extend shelf life. Instead, Harmless Harvest uses their proprietary Multi-Step Micro-Filtration Process to avoid the use of heat or citric acid additives, preserving the optimal flavor, fragrance and nutrients of their critically acclaimed coconut water. So note, if you see a coconut water hanging out in a non-refrigerated aisle, turn back and walk away.

Insider tip #4: It's okay to drink pink

Did you know coconut water can naturally turn pink? Coconut water is clear when bottled but contains a variety of antioxidants which can turn pink once they interact with sunlight. Harmless Harvest could mask the color change— but instead, they fully embrace what naturally occurs in their coconut water. Go ahead and drink pink!

Insider tip #5: Sharing the wealth

Truly great coconut water is found in rural tropical areas, which are vital to the future of our planet. Harmless Harvest's ecosystem based business focuses not only on delivering the best organic products to consumers, but also cares for the welfare of the farming communities at the source of the product, and uses sustainable farming practices to ensure a better tomorrow.

For more information on how Harmless Harvest became a leader in this industry revolution, check out their recent article in INC. Magazine "Winning the Hyper-Competitive Coconut Water Wars"

I'd love to hear your experience tasting different coconut waters, and which one you absolutely love! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclosure: I received a free gift in exchange for this publication. Contents were provided by the PR agency representing Harmless Harvest.

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