Egyptian Legend Book Blast: $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
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Egyptian Legend Book Blast: $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

If you or the teenager in your family is fascinated by time travel and the mysterious past of ancient Egypt, you will want to check out the young adult book Sons of the Sphinx and its companion Tutankhamen Speaks. Get a better idea of these award-winning books and enter for your chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash.

Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl CarpinelloAbout Sons of the Sphinx:

Armed with what she considers her grandmother’s curse, 15-year-old Rosa agrees to help the ghost of King Tut find his lost queen Hesena. Though Hesena’s ba inhabits part of Rosa, finding the whole spirit of Hesena so that she and Tut can be together for the first time in over 3000 years proves to be a harder task than Rosa first thinks. Thrust back into Ancient Egypt with Tut, Rosa discovers that finding Hesena is not all she must do. She must keep out of the reach of the living Horemheb - who crosses mortal boundaries using Seth’s evil magic - if she is to stay alive to make it back home.

2015 Readers' Favorite Finalist YA
2015 IAN Book of the Year Finalist YA
2015 CAL Book Award Finalist YA Fiction
2014 Literary Classics Silver Medal for PreTeen/Tween
2014 Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Tutankhamunfinal2 copyAbout Tutankhamen Speaks:

2014 EVVY Finalist & Merit Award for Historical Fiction from Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.

Long ago the old texts of ancient Egypt alluded to scrolls in which King Tut spoke to the people from beyond the tomb. Many archeologists put this down to an incorrect translation of the ancient Egyptian texts. Others swore to the accuracy of the translation. None of that mattered because the scrolls in question could not be found. Scholars labeled it a hoax, something that never existed. It was ludicrous to imagine someone speaking from the grave. They were wrong on both accounts.

Cheryl Carpinello AuthorAbout the Author:

Cheryl Carpinello is a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, her profession introduced her to writings and authors from times long past. Through her studies and teaching, she fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, she hopes to inspire young readers and those young-at-heart to read more through her Quest Books set in these worlds.

Also please visit her other sites: Carpinello's Writing Pages where she interviews children's/MG/Tween/YA authors; her home website Beyond Today Educator, and The Quest Books where she's teamed up with Fiona Ingram from South Africa and Wendy Leighton-Porter of Abu Dhabi to enable readers to find our Ancient and Medieval quest books in one place.

One lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card or $25 PayPal cash!

Giveaway ends 12/12. Open worldwide 18+. Please enter via the form below. Good luck!

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