Guest Post: Father's Day Gift Idea from TaskEasy
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Guest Post: Father's Day Gift Idea from TaskEasy

Father's Day is just 10 days away. Have you nailed down the perfect gift for Dad yet? TaskEasy would like to introduce you to their premium services, along with a unique Father's Day gift idea. Please read their guest post below to get all the details.

What are you giving Dad for Father’s Day this year? A tie? Dress socks? Or a gift card?

We all know how hard Dad works. It’s time to give him something that will really make him smile . . . and lighten his load.

This Father's Day, give your Dad his Saturdays back with TaskEasy, the on-demand lawn care service. Order a month or two of mowing for Dad at as the perfect Father's Day gift.

TaskEasy’s mission is to make lawn care as easy for customers as buying products online while helping licensed, insured, and reliable contractors generate more business. Just click, book, and relax. TaskEasy will handle things from there. Satisfaction guaranteed. After all, a well-kept yard shouldn’t cost Dad his weekend.

The TaskEasy concept emerged from the frustration that founder and CEO Ken Davis experienced while he was managing services like lawn care and snow clearing for his rental properties. Customers like him were spending countless hours searching for and vetting contractors and then auditing the work to verify performance. Ken and TaskEasy co-founder Joe Turner discovered a solution to the problem that would make buying services for customers, and fulfilling services for contractors, as easy as buying products online. Customers can buy services online instantly, and have quality, insurance, and full auditability of the service guaranteed.

TaskEasy has performed more than 100,000 of tasks in more than 2,900 cities in all 50 states and has certified thousands of contractors.

Whether you use TaskEasy to find landscaping services for your yard, rental property, or business or to find snow clearing services for your aging parents, vacation home, or business parking lot, you can save time and money by taking the stress out of services management.

So give Dad the gift he really wants for Father’s Day this year—his weekends back—with lawn mowing from TaskEasy. Visit today to get 30% off on lawn mowing for Dad!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All contents have been provided by the sponsor.

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