Disney Go Green: A Family Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle Review
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Disney Go Green: A Family Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle Review

Every day is Earth Day if you are fully committed to green living. Children who are taught about ways to go green at an early age are more likely to carry on the spirit through adulthood and for generations to come. In light of the importance of green education for kids, Disney books launched a new Go Green series. In the first book of the series, Go Green: A Family Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle, Mickey and Friends show us around the world of ideas and issues surrounding the concept of substainability, with colorful pictures, fun facts, green tips, art projects and more. Going green is more interesting than ever in the company of kids' all-time favorites Mickey and Minnie!

The book starts with the question "Why go green?" and encourages readers to think about all the consequences of not Going Green. I love that it takes a wholistic approach to substainability and goes beyond focusing on how to go green. Believing that "caring for ourselves empowers us to care for our planet," the authors discuss what we can do to achieve personal well-being before they explore what we can do to protect the well-being of our planet.

The book explains sustainability in simple, kid-friendly language and shows fun and easy steps that kids and families can take to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Several chapters are dedicated to arts and crafts activities which show children how to be artistic using items found in nature or how to reuse things they already have. It even includes healthy snack recipes using locally grown ingredients.

The book is intended as a general reference that you can turn to when necessary. There is no need to read it from cover to cover. My older son however, doesn't want to miss a single word from it and reads at least one chapter a day. I was very pleased to find that he used many of the things he learned from the book for his Earth Day themed essay.

Disney Go Green: A Family Guide To A Sustainable Lifestyle is an excellent book for children to read with their parents, as many of the activities encourage families to spend time together. It is very affordable too, less than $10 for either a hardcover copy or the kindle version. Start leading your family in the green direction by getting your own copy of the book today!

Disclosure: I received a free book to facilitate my honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own and may differ from yours.

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