The Amazing Intel Experience at Best Buy #IntelatBestBuy
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The Amazing Intel Experience at Best Buy #IntelatBestBuy

Are you a tech junkie who loves to stay on the cutting edge of new technology? Well, hi-tech gears tend to cost most when they are first released. Do you wish you could get some hands-on experience with them before you can decide whether they are worthy of your investment? To help consumers make smart choices and witness the amazing power of technology, Intel and Best Buy have teamed up to bring new Intel Technology Experience zones to 50 Best Buy stores in major markets across the U.S.
A recent study by Intel and Toluna suggests that while most (79%) Americans are excited about the chance to learn and try out new technologies, half are frustrated by the lack of access to them beyond what they read or see in the media. The Intel Technology Experience addresses this problem by giving shoppers, tech enthusiasts and technophobes alike, the opportunity to see, touch, explore and play with exciting new technologies they’ve only heard about, from 3D printing to virtual reality games.

Yesterday I brought my family to the Best Buy store in Chula Vista for our first-hand Intel Experience, which far exceeded my expectation for a simply display of PCs and tablets. First, I was surprised by how large the zone is. The overall layout is modern and eye-catching. There's no reason to miss it when you are in store.

Some upbeat music got our attention as soon as we get close to the area. Several young guys were happily shaking their bodies to the music in front of a large screen with tablets in their hands. The tablets turned out to be convertible laptops, with which you can control lighting, color themes, sound effects of the music video in real time, and act like a real DJ! A terrific gadget for those who enjoy making their own remix tracks.

The next cool thing I checked out was 3D printing. I used Makerbot before and was curious to see what improvement, if any, Intel's 3D printing solution is able to offer. It looks like Intel provides a better integration in software and hardware in working with the cube 3D printer. Although I didn't get the chance to try the printer interactively, some samples on the table, such as phone protector cases, showed superior quality.

Another fun experience we had was a test drive of the Mars Rover 3D augmented reality game. When you point the camera of your tablet to the model of a mountain on Mars, a game scene will show up on the screen, fitting well onto the model. The tablet then becomes a game console and viewer of the rover and you can run the rover up and down the mountain like real. When I walked around and viewed the mountain model from a different angle, so did the game scene. It’s way more exciting than other 3D movies or games as you can control the viewpoint!

The Intel Technology Experience at Best Buy helped us learn how Intel could revolutionize our lives through new technologies in real-time multimedia editing, 3D printing and augmented reality. The area is staffed by specially trained Best Buy Blue Shirts to answer questions and help customers make the most of each area within the experience. Each season, Intel will refresh the venues with a new array of technology experiences.

Wanna build and print your own 3D robot, show off your racing skills on Mars in an augmented reality world, master beats and remix tracks by Ne-Yo as a digital DJ, and check out the latest PC and tablet devices powered by Intel processors? Find out more about the Intel Technology Experience and check if there is a participating store near you at

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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