Staying Safe While On The Go #‎MaceBrandMoms‬ #Spon
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Staying Safe While On The Go #‎MaceBrandMoms‬ #Spon

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with MACE and Crossroads Media Hub. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

As a busy mom, I feel myself constantly on the move, sending my older son off to school and picking him up, driving him to art, swim and other enrichment classes, walking my toddler to the park, grocery shopping, running errands, and whatnot. It is therefore highly important for me to get around safely, with or without my kids. I bet many of you are in a similar situation and would be interested in learning more about how to stay safe while on the go. Let me share with you a few personal safety tips along with some of the best self-defense products from Mace brand.

1. Avoid becoming an easy target. First and foremost, you should try your best not to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. For instance, avoid walking alone on a poorly lighted street at night. Plan your route well to get around neighborhoods that are notoriously unsafe. Find a partner if you can when you go jogging, walking, biking, or exercising outdoors. These measures will help minimize your chance of becoming an easy target for crime.

2. Check your surroundings. You should stay alert and be aware of what's going on around you at all times. When you are alone in the parking lot, be sure to look around for any suspicious idling people or vehicle. Retreat to a safer location when necessary. Check the back before getting into your car and wait until the surrounding is cleared to get out. Don't take chances when you already sense danger heading your way.

3. Keep family and friends informed of your whereabouts. Carry your cellphone with you while on the go so that you may let your significant other, parents, or roommate know where you are and when you will get home. It will also come in handy when you need to call for help. I always call my husband and tell him that I will be home soon after I get inside my car and lock the doors. He will call to check on me if my drive takes longer than anticipated.

4. Have self-defense tools within easy reach. It's better safe than sorry. Keeping a pepper spray on hand will significantly increase your chances of making a safe exit when an attack happens. As the original brand of pepper spray, Mace brand offers a good variety of products that would be perfect for your personal safety arsenal. The pepper spray can be easily attached to your key chain, simple to operate with one hand, and provides a fast yet nonlethal means to keep the offender at a distance. The Personal Defense Kit I received also includes a water trainer to help you practice using pepper spray in a more effective and precise manner. MACE brand self-defense products will not only help you protect yourself but will also help you stay calm and confident in times of danger.

5. Learn basic self-defense techniques. While you should avoid physical confrontation with the attacker, mastery of basic self-defense techniques will give you a better chance of staying safe when physical confrontation becomes inevitable. There are quite a few free online resources you can use to learn those techniques, including the Mace brand website. Practice them with someone at home and get better prepared for the worst scenario.

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