Boost Your Business with How It Works Media (Special Offer Inside)
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Boost Your Business with How It Works Media (Special Offer Inside)

A product has been launched. You are given two options to learn more about it - a 400-word article or a 90-second video. Which would you choose? No doubt most people would choose the latter as it is more straightforward, easier to comprehend with both audio and visual aids, and doesn't take as much time. But not all videos are created equal. Some go viral at lightening speed while others get buried under tons of new videos being uploaded on the web every day. How can businesses make sure their videos will put their products into the best light possible? They may turn to How It Works Media - the expert in "explainer videos", which will help your product get noticed and remembered.

Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain a company's product or service. A well-made explainer video can significantly help the company educate consumers, raise brand awareness, generate social buzz, improve content-based SEO, etc. They are a powerful tool for small businesses, startups and even bloggers looking to increase the number of quality leads, conversation rates, and more.

A video is worth thousands of words. Comprehension and information retention can be dramatically increased when people's multiple senses are engaged. Watch this explainer video about explainer videos to get a better understanding of how How It Works Media can help boost your business!

Animated explainer videos are especially fun to watch, easy to digest, and more likely to prompt viewers to share on social media. Backed by their team of creative artists, animators, writers, and marketing professionals, How It Works Media has produced a large number of animated explainer videos for businesses and brands across the globe. Here's the one they did for Sunsweet. More examples of their finished work are available at

Besides animated explainer videos, How It Works Media also produces live action videos, ecommerce product videos, video tutorials and TV commericals in multiple languages. Throughout the month of September, How It Works Media is offering a special rate for startups. You can have a 90 second explainer video done for $4000. Now it is the best time to give them a try!

One hundred million people watch online videos very day. Five hundred tweets per minute contains a video link. Don't wait too long to consider incorporating an explainer video in your online marketing plan!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of How It Works Media.

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