Toopy and Binoo Review & Twitter Party Today #ToopyandBinoo
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Toopy and Binoo Review & Twitter Party Today #ToopyandBinoo

I received Toopy and Binoo products to facilitate my honest review about the show. No monetary exchange took place. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Introducing Toopy and Binoo--an animated TV series that follows the whimsical adventures of an adorable yet unusual duo: Toopy, a tall, funny and friendly mouse, and his best friend Binoo, a tiny, cute and clever white cat. The series is designed for preschoolers ages 2 to 6, who may expand their creativity through the colorful and imaginary world of their charming cartoon friends, while reinforcing positive values such as friendship, good manners, creative thinking, and humor.

Already a hit TV show in Canada, Toopy and Binoo is now launching in the U.S. exclusively on YouTube. The Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel features over 100 full, five-minute episodes. You may get a glimpse of them by starting with the trailer here.

I watched the show with my boys and all of us love it a lot! The stories are funny, delightful, and filled with magic! We couldn't help laughing out loud while being fascinated by the intriguing experiences of Toopy and Binoo. Each episode is of optimal length to hold the attention of young children and to make it easy for parents to control their kiddo's screen time. It is tremendous fun to see friends with such distinct personalities as Toopy (talkative and spontaneous) and Binoo (quiet and rational) in a harmonious and rewarding relationship.

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To celebrate the show's U.S. debut, @ResourcefulMom is hosting a fun Twitter Party today (2/20) at 1 pm EST. Four partygoers will win a Toopy and Binoo Plush and a $25 gift card. There will also be a Grand Prize of a Toopy and Binoo Plush and a $100 Gift Card! Follow #ToopyandBinoo to join the party and good luck!

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