Holiday Gift Guide: Marpac Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle #serioussleep
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Holiday Gift Guide: Marpac Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle #serioussleep

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Marpac as part of a Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign.

Holiday celebration is exciting, but all the shopping, planning, cooking, and preparation can be stressful. Would you like to receive the gift of sound sleep this Christmas? Then you may want to add Dohm to your wishlist and share it with your loved ones. Made in the USA by Marpac, Dohm is a natural sound conditioner designed to mask unwanted noises so that the user can fall asleep or concentrate easier.
Marpac kindly sent me a Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle for review. It includes a Dohm sound conditioner (as pictured above), a "Buddy the Bee Finds His Zs" storybook and Sleep 101 pamphlet published by the National Sleep Foundation.

Both my baby and I are very light sleepers. As my baby shares the same bedroom with us, he is easily disturbed by the noises
we inevitably make around the house. I literally had to hold my breath and walk on my toes when I had to enter the bedroom during his sleep time. And like all curious babies eager to explore the world around them, he doesn't want to go to sleep before other members of the family.

Dohm came to my rescue by using electromechanical technology to create the natural sound of rushing air, which can effectively block noises from normal household activities. Unlike other white noise machines with digital loops and recordings, Dohm creates a continuous white noise conducive to sound sleep. The sound conditioner features a simple, modern design and is very easy to operate. Sound tones and volumes can be adjusted with the push button and the rotatable cap on the top. It did take a few days to get used to the sound made by Dohm, very much like that from an AC fan.

My baby was very curious about the machine during our first use. I let him touch and feel the air coming through the holes. He figured out himself how to change the sound by pushing the button. That was definitely a fun experience for him. Now that we've used Dohm for weeks, he remembers to ask me to turn on the machine before going to bed. He loves the sound, which helps him fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

He loves reading the "Buddy the Bee Finds His Zs" storybook that comes in the bundle. Although he is too young to understand the storyline, he's attracted by the colorful pictures while his big brother enjoys reading the book to him and teaches him about the zoo animals that Buddy the Bee encounters in the book.

To my delight, Dohm not only works for babies, it also helps me get some serious, uninterrupted sleep once I get used to the continuous sound.

Get your own Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle for $59.99 at Toys R Us today! It makes a sweet gift for any new mom or someone with sleep problems.

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