Get Motivated to Save with Unsplurge and Win Prizes!
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Get Motivated to Save with Unsplurge and Win Prizes!

Have you made a resolution to save for a big ticket item you love but found it hard to follow it through? How about connecting with folks who will support you on your journey to saving via "liking" your savings log and sending encouraging messages? And there's a FREE mobile app for that, called Unsplurge.
Unsplurge is designed to help you curb the urge to splurge and motivate you to save. It combines features from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with elements from goal-achievement psychology. Through the app, Unsplurge aims to "build a nationwide community of people reaching for their savings goals and helping one another succeed."

Unsplurge keeps you motivated to save through the following features:

1. Set a personal goal: Enter notes and a picture to make it as personal and tangible as possible. Your goal is put front & center so that you never forget what you’re working towards.

2. Log progress when you save: The best way to save is to set money aside for your goal, before you
have a chance to spend it elsewhere. Or you might make a smart money decision, like deciding not to make an impulse purchase.

3. Immediate positive feedback: Whenever you log savings toward your goal, the gold progress circle will show you how far you’ve come.

3. Encouragement from the community: Post your savings and goals to the “Town,” a news feed of
saving activities. ‘Likes’ & encouragement from the supportive Unsplurge community will motivate you to keep up the good work.

4. Cheer on others: Following what other people are doing to save for their goals is inspiring. Sending encouragement to others will remind you to save as well.

5. Social proof: Saving takes perseverance, but you’ll see others reaching their goals. You can do it too.

6. Build a habit of saving: Track how many days in a row you logged savings and get accolades as your saving streak grows. Even logging a penny a day will build a great habit. When the day comes that you have extra money (like payday), you’ll be ready and excited to set it aside.

7. Encourages budgeters: Some people use the app as a supplement to their existing budgeting and
saving tools. For them, it provides the extra motivation to stick to the budget.

The Unsplurge community is rapidly growing since its launch in April 2013. Join it now by downloading the free app on your iPhone or iPad. In fact, you could win a prize if you act fast enough.

Unsplurge is running a giveaway, in which three lucky winners will each score a $40 Amazon Gift Certificate and a beautiful Custom Money Jar with the Unsplurge logo!

To enter:
  • Download the app and create an account via the app.
  • Follow @unsplurge on Twitter
  • Email your Unsplurge username to or tweet it to @unsplurge.
Winners will be chosen via a random drawing on 9/22. Enter today and good luck!

Disclosure: By sharing this giveaway, I am entered to win a prize for bloggers. No monetary exchange took place. Relevant information has been provided by the giveaway host.

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