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Height Adjustable Tables

A sedentary lifestyle could have serious health consequences. If your job requires hours of work at the desk or in front of the computer, you may want to consider switching to height adjustable tables, which will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing during work. Since standing burns twice as many calories as sitting, it can help you lose weight, become more physically active and improve your overall health.

MultiTable.com is where you can purchase such innovative height adjustable tables known as ModTables, the height of which can be adjusted from 2 feet to 4 feet to meet your specific needs and comfort level. ModTables are available in a variety of ergonomic designs, sizes, and colors. They are not only stylish, but also versatile--good for offices, studios, and home offices. You may visit the gallery at MultiTable.com to see some great examples of how ModTables are being utilized in real life.

According to the creators of ModTables, height adjustable tables may significantly reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease, decrease neck and back pain, correct posture to eliminate carpel tunnel issues, and increase productivity! Whether for their functionality or health benefits, ModTables will sure be a valuable addition to your office!

Now through 12/31, you can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders at MutliTable.com. Get one for your home office now and to start the new year with a healthier new you :)

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