Guest Post: It’s Not Too Late to Create a Summer Beauty and Fashion List!
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Guest Post: It’s Not Too Late to Create a Summer Beauty and Fashion List!

This is a guest post written by Sierra.

If you’ve been enjoying the summer but still would like to cross some other fun activities and beauty to do’s off of your list, there’s still time! Instead of making excuses and cramming your day full of other activities, it’s no time like the present to sit down and make a list, a beauty list that is.  What will your beauty and fashion list consist of? Well, that’s entirely up to you but there’s plenty of ideas to get you thinking and excited so that you will accomplish these fun and fashionable tips before the summer comes to a screeching halt.

Buy Fun Neon Makeup, Stat!
Neon makeup is all the rage this summer, so why not head to your nearest beauty store and stock up on some beautiful shades of lipstick? Hot pink is bold and beautiful and will look perfect with an elegant dress. There are other fun colors too, such as bright eyeshadow. Create an ombre effect on your eyelids and your eyes will certainly pop! Don’t forget about black eyeliner followed by metallic liner as well.

Pastel Pants and Comfy Underwear

Another fun trend that’s currently in style is pastel pants, which come in many different shades. If you haven’t bought a pair of pastel pants yet, it’s not too late! Look online, on Pinterest, or head to one of your favorite stores in the mall. They are bound to have some pastel pants still in stock, unless they are getting a head start for the fall! As well as investing in pretty pastel pants, maybe it’s time to buy some new underwear too. It’s actually important to replace underwear quite regularly and having a nude pair or two is a good idea, especially if you plan on wearing a light pair of pastel pants. ;)

Relaxing Pedi and Mani

Most every girl loves getting a manicure and pedicure and if you haven’t carved out time yet to head to the nail salon and pamper yourself, now is the time! Bring a girlfriend or even ask your boyfriend or husband if he’s willing to go with you. Sometimes it’s important to treat yourself right and during a crazy yet fun summer a relaxing salon session is the perfect way to do it. So what are you waiting for? Take out a pretty pen and write your beauty and fashion list now!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves fashion and taking the time to develop her own beauty list is top on her list! 

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Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks so much for the guest post opportunity! :)

Kay Micola said...

What brand lipstick is this on photo? Looking for a neon pink lipstick...everyone I buy is not neon pink! Any help?

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