Join the Future Fortified Campaign to Help Women & Children in Need of Essential Nutrients
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Join the Future Fortified Campaign to Help Women & Children in Need of Essential Nutrients

Making sure that my children get the essential nutrients they need for growth is one of the basic things I do as a mom. In addition to providing nutrient-rich foods to the entire family, I also see to it that my older son take his multivitamin daily and that I always remember to take my prenatal vitamins. While I believe all moms would like to give their children what's best for their health, not all moms around the world have the means to do so, not even when it's as simple as preparing a nutritious meal. Future Fortified has thus been created to address this issue.

As a campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Future Fortified strives to help millions of pregnant women, new mothers and their young children gain access to the critical nutrients they need for health, growth and development. Following an innovative and sustainable approach, the campaign uses funds raised from individuals, foundations, and business partners to invest in local suppliers, who in turn develop, manufacture, and distribute Home Nutrition Packets--small single-serving packets filled with a combination of vitamins and minerals to sprinkle into a child's or mom's meal.

At less than three cents a packet in countries like Kenya and Bangladesh, this is an affordable and effective way for low-income moms around the world to get essential nutrients into their children's and their own diets. Besides making Home Nutrition Packets available and affordable, Future Fortified also helps educate people about their use and the importance of good nutrition. The increased demand for these packets will likely stimulate local economy with more job openings. To learn more about this market-based model, you may visit the official Future Fortified website, and join the community on Twitter and Facebook.

There are many ways for you to support the Future Fortified campaign, such as making a charitable donation, sharing the campaign through social media, or purchasing an item from their online store. You may also register for their Engage & Earn program to accrue points for your participation in various actions. The points could win you prizes or be redeemed for special rewards.

Join the campaign today and start fortifying the future for women and children in need!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf Future Fortified. To thank me for my contribution, Mom Central donated $20 to the Future Fortified campaign.

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