Lovesick Blog Tour: Scavenger Hunt, Review & Giveaway
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Lovesick Blog Tour: Scavenger Hunt, Review & Giveaway

To be officially released in June 2012, Lovesick is a suspense story written by Spencer Seidel, whose first novel Dead of Wynter (2011) was well-received by critics, writers and readers across the country. As indicated by its cover, the book centers around a murder case involving three teenagers in an unusual love triangle. Paul, the teenage boy who appears to be the killer, is found with a murder weapon in one hand, the dead body of his best friend Lee in the other, and no clue about what has just happened. Wendy, the girl both Paul and Lee love, has been missing for weeks. Is the deadly crime committed out of being lovesick?

Forensic psychologist Dr. Lisa Boyers is asked to evaluate Paul through face-to-face interviews, and to help him recover his memories of that horrible night. As she comes closer to the truth however, Lisa finds herself trapped in recollections of her own troubled past, and her life endangered!

As a participant in the blog tour, I received an advanced copy of Lovesick for review. I really enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover. It impresses me with its captivating storyline, succinct language, and vivid description of many breathtaking moments. Spencer has done such an excellent job of keeping the suspense going that it is really hard not to finish the book in one sitting. I love the way he reveals the inner struggles of the characters as they attempt to hold onto their secrets and to suppress their real feelings. Although the ending isn't entirely unexpected, it still leaves me shocked and gasping. This is the first book I've read by Spencer Seidel. It definitely makes me want to check out his earlier book as well.

Here's the excerpt for the Scavenger Hunt--

Since what had happened with Dorian, in those moments after perhaps one glass of wine too many, when she’d play those great old Billy Joel albums and get weepy about her life, she’d realize that some deep, dark part of her had actually wanted to be treated that way, expected to be, in fact. And that horrifying aspect of her personality was something she felt she’d dealt with.

But guys like Chad Lamm made her wonder. She wasn’t sure she trusted her instincts anymore.
She reached the back door to her place, opened it, and slipped inside, locking the door after her and placing her keys in a bowl she kept on the granite countertop on the wet bar. She opened the little cabinet beneath in order to take out a bottle of wine, a Chilean red she enjoyed. She poured herself a glass and took a long sip, finally relaxing in the comfort of her own space.

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The Giveaway
The publisher has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers an advanced copy of Lovesick by Spencer Seidel ($14.95, 375 pages)! An exciting gift for thriller lovers!

Disclosure: I received a free book to facilitate my honest review. No monetary exchange took place. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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