Free Silk Scarf for New Sneakpeeq Members
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Free Silk Scarf for New Sneakpeeq Members

Sneakpeeq is rewarding NEW MEMBERS with a FREE chic silk scarf w/ free shipping, while supplies last! New members also get a $10 free credit to spend on anything you like in the Sneekpeeq store.

Scarf is a must-have for my spring wardrobe. The versatility is endless. Fold one in half to create a triangle, then tie it behind your neck to create a chic cowgirl look. For a more traditional look, roll it up into a long rectangle and tie it around your neck—let the ends flow freely. Tie it around your hair as a headband, or loop it around your belt: you’ll marvel at this little accessory that can do it all!

Sneakpeeq is on online social media marketplace, where you can find great items at amazing prices. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with points and badges by being an active member (Hint: keep “peeqing”, sharing and shopping to get additional free $$$). For instance, the top members in the current Spring Fling sale will receive a surprise gift and free store credit!

Join Sneakpeeq today to take advantage of this free offer!

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Remy said...

Just signed up and got mine. Thank you. :D

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