Join TABASCO® Nation and Earn Free Products! Easy and Fun!
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Join TABASCO® Nation and Earn Free Products! Easy and Fun!

Are you a fan of TABASCO® sauce? If so, you should definitely become a member of the TABASCO® Nation on Facebook. It's free to join and you earn points and badges for completing activities like daily polls, uploading photos and video, and daily drop submissions. The points are redeemable for prizes including money saving coupon and free products in various sizes.

Here's the point scheme:
1,000 points for signup
500 pints for customizing profile picture
1,000 points per poll
1,000 points per drop
2,000 points per photo for the first 5 weekly challenge submissions
20,000 points for uploading an Anthem Video

Here are the prizes you can earn when reaching each level:
25,000 points (Mayor): $2.00 off TABASCO® product coupon
50,000 points (Governor): 6-pack TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce Minis
75,000 points (Senator): 1 5 oz bottle 2011 Limited Edition TABASCO® Original Red
100,000 points (Ambassador): 1 gallon jug TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce

Limit one prize per participant per Level.

The points needed for prizes may seem a lot but it's really easy to accrue enough points for free products. You don't have to worry about being late in the game because you can retrieve past polls and photo challenges and earn points for finishing them altogether. I easily snagged enough points up to the Senator level just by answering all the open polls. My 6-pack minis and 5 oz bottle sauce are to arrive in 4-6 weeks!

The promotion ends on 1/15/12, but prizes are available while supplies last. So I'd suggest you joining and starting to earn points ASAP. Good luck!

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