New Changes to Rafflecopter!
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New Changes to Rafflecopter!

If you're entering my giveaways today, you must have noticed that Rafflecopter has got a new look. The Rafflecopter team has been working hard to help you enter blog giveaways much easier. Here are a brief recap of the new and improved features:

  1. The new widget allows you to log in using either Facebook Connect or your name and email. It no longer relies on cookies to remember you. This will help you remember which giveaways you have entered, which entries you have completed and save you trouble when you come back for a daily tweet entry!
  2. You can use the same log in to access all giveaways run through Rafflecopter. No need to enter the same info for every entry on every single giveaway. Yay!
  3. If you sign in using Facebook, you will be able to edit your previous entries. Many of us had this "oops" moment when we entered too fast with a wrong or blank answer. Finally, there's a fix to that!
  4. Exciting news for bloggers who want to run their own giveaways via Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter has ended the "invite-only" beta mode and gone public. Signup is open to everyone! Visit and create your account today.
I can't wait to hear what you think about these new changes. Please feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below or directly with the Rafflecopter team.

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Tasha W said...

I got to experience the new Rafflecopter last night, I love how fast and easy it was however, when you are required to enter info in the extra info field for an entry, that option doesnt show, yet we are supposed to enter it? I think it still needs a little tweaking!

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