MotherKnows Review & One Year Premium Membership Giveaway (A $98 Value)!
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MotherKnows Review & One Year Premium Membership Giveaway (A $98 Value)!

Managing my child's medical records has been a real challenge for me. We had to switch doctors for my son several times since his birth due to a variety of reasons--relocation, change of insurance plan, dissatisfaction with current service, etc. I felt extremely embarrassed when I didn't know how to answer questions about his immunization records, medications taken in the past, or even date of last annual checkup. I keep copies of all his health records from different doctors in our file cabinet, but have to search through them to get to a specific piece of information I need. Now with MotherKnows, I can have all my child's medical records collected and updated by a professional, and access them wherever and whenever I want! That's a brilliant service designed to make a busy mom's life easier.
MotherKnows is a secure online data management system that allows parents to gain easy access and safely share their child’s medical records, including immunizations, prescriptions, weight and height chart, diagnosed allergies and conditions, and PDF and images of all documents on file. You may choose to subscribe to their service with an annual plan ($49 annual fee plus $49 one-time setup fee) or a monthly plan ($5 monthly fee plus $49 one-time fee). With a yearly subscription, you can enjoy online and mobile access to health tracking tools, multiple providers, ability to schedule four record collections a year, and full full service health record entry for one child. Both plans offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can try it free for two months and then decide if you want to keep your subscription or not.

There is also a free version of the service known as MotherKnows Lite. It grants access to online health tracking tools provided by MotherKnows, but you will need to collect or update your child's health records all by yourself, instead of having it done automatically under the paid plans.

I was provided with a free yearly subscription for review. It takes a few steps to set things up. After activating your membership, you will need to provide some basic information about your children (name, date of birth, gender, and picture), their providers, and yourself. You will receive an email in the next day, which contains a medical release form authorizing MotherKnows to collect information from your child's doctor on your behalf. You will then need to “sign” it online and email it back to MotherKnows. It takes up to two weeks for the records to be updated in your account. Once this process is complete, you will be able to relax and enjoy all your child's health records at your fingertips. I love that you can also add any upcoming doctor appointments you have scheduled.

All data on MotherKnows is secure, encrypted, and never shared with any third parties. Should you decide to cancel your membership anytime, you would be able to download PDFs of your child’s health records and save them for future use. MotherKnows is about to launch mobile apps for iPhone and Android phone soon.

To celebrate their launch, MotherKnows is giving away a Free Child Fingerprint ID Kit plus a 60-day free trial to the first 500 registrants. Simply go to, enter promo code MK6 to claim your free gift.

The Giveaway

MotherKnows has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers a free one year subscription to MotherKnows with full access! It's a $98 value!

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Disclosure: I received free service and a gift card to facilitate my honest review. Prize will be delivered directly to the winner by MotherKnows.

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Tammy Pereira said...

One thing that I like about the website/program is that you can add your child's milestone and accomplishmemts as well, not just the medical history.
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