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Heelys Review

Have you ever tried skating on the wheel in your heels? We have a name for this increasingly popular sports--Heelys. Heelys are in fact two-in-one athletic shoes with removable wheels in the heels. I told you before that my husband is a pretty sporty guy. He's good at inline skating, roller skating and ice skating, but hadn't really tried Heelys until I ordered him a pair for review.
Heelys carries a stylish line of shoes for both men and women, kids and adults. Slide is the style hubby and I picked together. The ordering process was super easy and the package arrived in 2 days. I asked hubby to try them on right away. His Heelys were very comfortable and fit his feet perfectly. We watched the instructional video first. It didn't take long for hubby to grasp the art of skating on his Heelys. He's totally in love with his new sports.

Our favorite feature of Heelys is that the wheels are very easy to install and remove. They just feel like regular sneakers when the wheels are out. There's quite a distance between the parking lot and hubby's office, he now saves time by skating through... and has fun! When he arrives in office, he simply removes the wheels and puts them in his desk. Unlike other forms of skating, Heelys save you from the trouble of having to carry any specialized gear like a skateboard, or shoes that can't function like regular shoes.

Heelys are affordable too. The majority of current designs are in the price range of $55-$65. You can order them either online at Heelys.com or at a B&M store near you.

Before you decide which Heelys are best for yourself or your kiddo, watch the video below to see how Heelys work.

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Disclosure: I received free product for review through Business2Bloggers. No monetary exchange took place. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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