Moby: A Cool New Way to Stay Connected w/ Family & Friends!
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Moby: A Cool New Way to Stay Connected w/ Family & Friends!

I'm very excited to be introduced to a new iPhone app called Moby, which allows me to keep track of the exact locations of my family members and friends without having to call or text them.

The Moby app is completely FREE and very easy to use. Family members can securely and privately share their current location with one another by sending a check-in or requesting a check-in. You have full control over whom you want to share your location with and for how long.

After downing the free app onto your iPhone or iPad, you need to register for an account with name, email and phone number, and then add friends from your iPhone contact list. Once you see yourself along with your current location on the Moby map, you can start a sharing session with your chosen friend for a specified time, send a check-in without starting a sharing session, or send an alert. I love that you have the option to send a message along with your check-in. So you can let your friend know not only where you are but also what you are doing. You can see how each feature works via the video demo below. More instructional videos are available here.

Moby works best if all your contacts have the app installed on their iPhone, but anyone can benefit from it as long as you have the app on your device and the others have access to email. You can share your location instantly with anyone who can receive messages from you via email. You can always invite your family members and friends to join Moby so that they can share their locations with you when needed.

The Moby app is so much fun to use and makes locating my family and friends a lot easier. I've recommended it to every friend of mine who uses an iPhone and I would like you to give it a try as well. The Android version of the app is set to launch in late August or early September, including the ability to share locations between iPhone and Android devices. Be sure to get on the pre-registration list here.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Moby and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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