Barely There No Slip Fit Bras Review
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Barely There No Slip Fit Bras Review

It's really embarrassing to have bra straps sneaking out of your sleeves. It's an art to tuck them back in without drawing unwanted attention. It can be very frustrating when your hands are fully occupied and you have to pretend that the problem never exists. Barely There Bras, created by Hanes brands, now offer a smart solution to this most discussed bra problem with their latest innovation--No Slip Fit bras.

The No Slip Fit line is designed for all-day comfort with a unique Lycra® lining on the back band and straps that have a delicate silicone design to help them stay in place, eliminating unexpected slips or slides. In addition, the bras have invisible seams that eliminate the dig-in effect of uncomfortable elastics. They are made with a soft, silky, beautiful outer fabric and ultra-light foam cups for added softness against the skin and are tag-free for added comfort. The No Slip Fit bras are available in both underwire and wirefree styles and are offered in white, black, soft taupe as well as an array of colors and prints.

Hanes kindly sent me two No Slip Fit bras to try out, one underwire in soft taupe and the other wirefree in white. Both bras provide a perfect, comfortable fit. The uniquely designed straps cling to my shoulders tightly and never go out of place! That's amazing! The bras are lightweight too, making me feel that they are "Barely There". My new bras are also embellished with some cute shiny accents in the front. I truly appreciate the comfort and confidence that the worry-free No Slip Fit bras have provided.

Barely There No Slip Fit bras retail for $32 and can be found in leading department stores like Kohl's, JC Penny, and Macy's. I strongly recommend them to any woman who wants to wave farewell to ill-fitting bras.

Disclosure: I received free products for review as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. No monetary exchange took place. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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