Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD & My Favorite Rivalry
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Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD & My Favorite Rivalry

Known as the longest-running comic book based TV series, Smallville is about to conclude its tenth and final season this month. Following through the experiences of Clark Kent before he becomes Superman, Smallville shows us how Clark Kent confronts his major rivalries: Bizarro and Lex Luthor. Of the two epic rivalries, my favorite is the best known superhero/villain rivalry: the Lex Luthor/Clark Kent rivalry, partly because of its complexity.

Smallville reveals the series of events that have turned Lex from Clark's best friend into his deadly enemy, as Clark evolves into Superman. The love and hate relationship between Lex and Clark is particularly iconic in the opening episode of Season 6, "Zod", in which Lex's body is taken over by the evil General Zod and Clark is banished to "Phantom Zone" designed by his late father Jol-El.

Although the entire episode only involves one brief direct confrontation between Lex/Zod and Clark, we can sense the subtle feelings about the rivalry through the struggles of the other characters. Zod is able to release the virus onto Earth because Clark doesn't want to destory Lex's body. Martha is shocked when Jol-El requests her to kill Lex with the dagger. Lana is inflicted with great pain when she attempts to seduce Lex/Zod in order to kill him. Luckily, Clark saves both Lana and Lex by expelling Zod from Lex's body with the crystal brought from the "Phantom Zone", not knowing that Lex will eventually sides with evil forces.

The show is action-packed and filled with dramatic ups and downs that keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. Watch the trailer below to get a feel!

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