Little Switches That Make A Difference
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Little Switches That Make A Difference

I've seen a lot of discussions about making small changes in your lifestyle to make a difference in your health, your home, and your impact on the planet, such as choosing skim milk over whole milk, switching to organic products, unplugging electronics while they are not in use, etc. Have you ever thought about taking some simple steps to extend the shelf life of your loving relationship with your spouse?

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I believe in the importance of reserving "personal space" between couples. My husband and I don't always stick to each other in our social lives. He would attend a basketball match with his buddies while I would go fashion shopping with my girlfriends. In our spare time, we may sit in the same room doing completely different things while pursuing our own hobbies.

It's been working great for the past years, but at times I felt that my husband would have been happier had I become more involved in his life or opened up some of my "reservations" to him. Every time before he decided to do things without me, he would ask if I would like to join him. I would find an excuse to decline his offer if it involved an activity I'm not interested in.

I think it's time for me to make little switches from that status quo to prevent personal space from turning into unwanted distance in our relationship. I would start with joining my husband in the gym. I must admit that the only form of exercise I do on a regular basis is walking. I'm not the physically active type. I prefer to stay healthy by watching what I eat. My husband on the other hand, loves sports and outdoor activites. He has an active gym membership and exercises at the gym after work and on weekends. He's invited me repeatedly to go to the gym together and told me that he would enjoy my company. Every time I said "No, thanks."

I've already taken the first step to making my switch and bought a new workout outfit. I will surprise my husband with a different answer when he asks me again if I'd like to join him in the gym. This simple change would not only enhance our relationship but also help me lose weight and stay fit. I plan to make more switches like this from time to time, including accompanying him to a sports event, watching his favorite show with him, and taking him to more of my favorite occasions like concerts and parties.

I still don't think it necessary for couples to do everything together in order to keep their relationship close, but it's definitely an art to set your personal space to a level that makes both of you feel comfortable and engaged.

Every relationship has its own unique stories. Do you perceive any small changes that you can make to bring a positive difference to your relationship? Share them with us and we may all learn something about how to improve our relationship with our beloved ones. Don't forget to check out all the great ideas from Social Moms like you!

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