SafeSocial Launches Today!
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SafeSocial Launches Today!

As a parent, your children's safety is your first priority. But in today's digital age, what can a parent do to protect her kids online as well as off?

These days, your teens' "friends" aren't just the kids hanging out in your family room - they're also the hundreds of contacts on their online "friend" and "buddy" lists. Did you know that more than 50 million teens (ages 13-17) are online worldwide? Or that the average number of "friends" on a list is 130? The totals are much higher for many teens.

SafeSocial, a new AOL product that launches today, can help you protect your children, even if you aren't a social media expert. SafeSocial helps you:

· Find out where your child has online accounts
· Know who your child is "friends" with online
· Get notified if your child is in a conversation about violence, suicide or drugs
· See photos your child has posted online, and others' photos in which your child has been tagged

Another benefit? You can monitor all this activity without being a "helicopter parent." Your child will have to agree to be monitored, but you won't need to connect with them on the social media accounts, or hover over their shoulders in person. You may see SafeSocial in action in the video below.

"Overall, social networking is an integral part of many teenage lives and an opportunity for your kids to learn to express themselves in a creative and responsible fashion," says AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis. "It's too big a trend to ignore. You can embrace it with SafeSocial on your side."

Interested in trying it out? Get your free 30-day trial of SafeSocial here.

Disclosure: By writing about SafeSocial, I'm entered to win a gift card from Global Influence, who also provided all the necessary assets for this post.

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