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My Purple Toes Book Review

Purple is one of my favorite colors, but I've never painted my nails or toes purple. Neither have I ever imagined the possibility of a man wearing that bold color on his toes. But Blair Hahn, a well-established lawyer and father of two children, did paint his toes purple after he joined his daughter at the nail salon for a pedicure. And this unique experience inspired him to write his first book My Purple Toes, an interesting board book written for children between the ages of one and five.

As my son fits perfectly in the age group the book is targeting, Family Review Network and My Purple Toes invited us to review this book together. It was a sweet surprise that the book arrived beautifully wrapped in purple tissues. Illustrated by artist Tate Nation, the book is filled with rich colors, likable characters, and funny pictures, all of which grabbed my son's attention in no time and prompted him to start reading it. The book has the right size for a toddler and it's really easy for little fingers to flip through. Its board style also makes the book more durable for young kids.

Based on a real life story, the book tells about a father's life with purple painted toenails. The first half of the book shows how everyone in the family, from mom to the kids to their dog, reacts so differently to dad's unconventional new look. Mom can't believe what has happened. Sister is amused. Brother feels embarrassed. And the dog no longer recognizes its master. Dad's purple toes are seen in a variety of locations and seasonal settings in the latter half of the book. The story is told in simple and similarly structured sentences that are easy for young children to follow and remember.

One interactive feature of the book is that a cute frog with purple toes hides on each page and children can have lots of fun looking for this naughty green friend. My son likes to point at different objects in the pictures and ask what they are. I'll throw the question back at him and let him reveal the answer. That's our favorite way to explore a new book.

After reading the book, I realized that the story is trying to convey a message: be yourself and enjoy life. The author intends to teach children about the importance of acceptance, enjoying life and being different. But I think that's a good lesson for adults as well. I was impressed by how more opened-minded my child is than myself. He got really excited at the sight of the big purple toes on the middle page of the book. Here's a "recording" of our conversation about that page:

Son: Look mom, big toes! [Giggles] Many big toes!
Me: What color are they?
Son: Purple.
Me: Do you like purple toes?
Son: Yes, they are pretty.
Me: Do you want daddy to have purple toes?
Son: [Looks at my toes, then his, and nods] Yes. I want to have purple toes too. I want mommy to have purple toes too. [Sings purple toes repeatedly in the tune of "Brother John"]

I consider myself a rather receptive person, but I can hardly bear the thought of my husband having purple painted toes.

My Purple Toes can be purchased online for $10.99. A significant portion of its proceeds will benefit children in the United States and around the world through nonprofit, Soles4Souls, which collects and distributes shoes at no cost to people in need.

You may learn more about the author, the story behind the book, and the lessons embedded in the story by visiting

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & My Purple Toes who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

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