Allure August Month-Long Free Stuff Blowout Starts Today!
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Allure August Month-Long Free Stuff Blowout Starts Today!

It's this time of the year again! Every weekday in August, Allure is giving away a total of 32,358 beauty and fashion items! Starting noon today, you may log on to and enter to win fabulous prizes, including anti-aging creams, mascaras, defrizzers, concealers, lip glosses, fragrances, and more, plus jewelry, designer shoes, and handbags.

This year, there's a new and easier way to enter: directly from your smartphone by following these instructions.

I know the competition will be fierce, but it's still worth a shot. Allure is very good at surprising people with neat stuff sent directly to their mailbox. You may want to browse the giveaway calendar, mark up the ones you really want to win, and plan your time according. Good luck, everyone!

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