Join Mom Sends the Msg & Win $2,000 in Prizes
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Join Mom Sends the Msg & Win $2,000 in Prizes

Have you noticed my new badge? I'm proud to say that I'm officially a "Mom on Board" Ambassador for the Mom Sends the Msg campaign that The Motherhood launched earlier this month. As part of a national effort to curb the public safety threat posed by distracted driving, this public service campaign strives to engage moms across the country in spreading the "Keep Your Mind on the Wheel" Message.

I was shocked by the fact that distracted driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving! Texting while driving has been recognized as the #1 risky distracted driving behavior, followed by "dialing a cell phone", "dealing with your kids", "playing with the controls", and "eating". I'm not a SMS person, but I've certainly done #2 and #4 while driving. Time to stop multi-tasking behind the wheel and be an attentive driver!

Are you a mom or parent who'd like to help spread this important message? Here's how you can participate in the Mom Sends the Msg campaign:
  • Sign the pledge to "keep your mind on the wheel"
  • Put the "Mom Sends the Msg" badge on your site
  • Be a "Mom on Board" Ambassador (email for badge code and your site will be listed on the campaign homepage)
  • If you represent an organization or web community, sign on as a "Key" Alliance (email for details)
  • Enter the Mom Sends the Msg PSA Contest by 10/23/09 ($2,000 cash prizes, 4 winners, US only)
Plus, you could win a $50 Amazon gift card by making the pledge and commenting at Live Laugh Love and Bloggings by 11/2.

Look forward to having you as a part of this meaningful project!

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Hey, great post ! I love your blog, thanks !

LyndiLou said...

I hadn't heard of this until now! Thanks for the info! I'm going to check it out now! :)

shannon said...

i want to thank-you for this info,as ashamed as i am to admit this but i to have been quilty of driving while on the phone,it was a cold winter day and snow and ice was everywhere,all the cars tires were slipping everywhere and i had the nerve to look down to dial a number,in that 1/2 second my car slid less then a 1/2inch from a parked van.who knows what would of happened to the cars behind me.anyways to make a long story short,that was my lesson learned and i will do participate in any program that will help prevent drivers that are reckless.thanks,shannon flora

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