Win One of Three Boca Puppets, Will You?
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Win One of Three Boca Puppets, Will You?

Would you like your kids to be bilingual? If so, I'd recommend Boca Beth products to you. Beth is giving away 3 cute Boca puppets along with a 44-page language learning book in a trivia contest on her blog. You win if you're one of the first 3 people to correctly answer the question. I seem to be the only one entering so far. I feel so lonely. Would you like to join me and try our luck together? Go give it a shot here!

2 Treasure Hunters :

Beth Butler said...

I am so with you amiga! I was stunned that not many people replied. Please e-mail me at with your ship to address for YOUR free BOCA puppet and language learning fun book!

(I might even sneak in a cool sorpresa/surprise for being the first to answer correctly!)

Boca Beth

icefairy said...

Wow, Beth, thank you so much!!!
Hey everyone, Beth is dropping hints about the correct answer. Act fast!

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