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Join Parents Insight Netwok and Test Products for FREE

If you're a parent and you like testing new products, filling out surveys, or participating in focus groups, the Parents Insight Network is a great panel you don't want to miss. Parents Insight Network is now accepting new members. But hurry! The recruitment will close once they reach 500 qualified new members. Please complete the sign-up survey and leave my Facebook name in the "referring member" blank.

Examples of their projects:
  • Parents were invited to Target to evaluate the baby section, and were rewarded with a check for $50
  • Members are currently reviewing and evaluating different brands of the same product (like head supports for infants and booster seats for toddlers), and they get to keep all of the products they test!
  • Parents completed a quick online survey about baby travel brands and were each rewarded with a $10 Amazon Gift Card
Forgot to add: they'd like to have more Dads involved, although moms are welcome to apply too.

Hope you'll enjoy being a member!

I use Zoomerang online surveys

5 Treasure Hunters :

Debbie said...

Is this just for baby products? It sounds like fun, but my youngest is 9.

Kristen said...

Thanks so much for the tip! I applied so hopefully I'll get to become a member soon and test out some great new products/services.

Xenia said...

Thanks for the tip... I entered, will they just contact me if I'm one of the lucky 500? Hope to hear from them!

Megan I said...

Thank you for sharing this. It sounds interesting. I signed up and used your name. I hope they contact me!

icefairy said...

The panel is full as of now.

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