Eebee Winners!
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Eebee Winners!

I'm so excited to have reached 500 followers on Google Friend Connect! A HUGE thank you to all my dear followers! You rock!

I'd greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to read Larry's wonderful review of the Cloud B Twilight Sea Turtle he won from my giveaway. If you have won any of my giveaways, I'd love to know how you like the prize. If you review it on your blog, I'm happy to refer your blog to my sponsor and link back to you in one of my posts. Just email me the link to your post if you're interested in the little extra exposure.

Time to announce the lucky winners of my eebee giveaway.
  • Winner of the eebee hand puppet-Laura@Lue (a very nice blog about giveaways, BTW) for comment #100
  • Winner of the eebee's adventures DVD set-Cocoamommy@COCOA-MOMMY for comment #82
And again, thanks to all who entered, tweeted and blogged. Don't forget to check out my sidebar for the latest giveaways including over 100 listed on my Linky. I've saved quite a few awesome giveaways for the Let's Play Party and more on the way for my new blog design celebration. Follow me, subscribe, or bookmark my site. Do whatever to keep you informed of my upcoming killer giveaways!
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