Win New Frigidaire Kitchen Appliances
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Win New Frigidaire Kitchen Appliances

Frigidaire has recently introduced 250 new appliances with special time-saving features. Here's the Frigidaire More Me Time Guarantee: Moms will reduce the amount of time they typically spend on housework by 8 hours per month, using a combination of select Frigidaire appliances or they can return their appliances to the place of purchase within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund of their purchase price.

You could win a suite of these new appliances valued at $5,700 by answering this simple survey: what are the 5 things you could do with an extra hour? Remember to enter by 6/30/09. Good luck!

2 Treasure Hunters :

PlumbPretty said...

With an extra hour I could get my garden weeded!

Megan I said...

I would buy the Wildflower ring, the Pretty Petunia necklace and the Tulip Trio necklace.

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