Tiffany Giardina No Average Angel Review
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Tiffany Giardina No Average Angel Review

Are you wondering who this beautiful young face belongs to? Her name is Tiffany Giardina, a talented 15-year-old pop singer and songwriter with fast-growing popularity among teens and tweens. Her single “No Average Angel” got into the Top 30 Countdown on Radio Disney during its first week of release. Amazing, isn't it?

Thanks to The Classy Closet, I was given the wonderful opportunity to review Tiffany's new album "No Average Angel". Being a non-teenage music lover, I'm impressed with her beautiful voice and her lively songs. I like this album a lot because listening to it makes me feel like a youngster again. Besides the title song, my favorite from the album is "Don't Want To Let It Go." Tiffany's songs can be insirping for young girls of her age. My favorite lines from "No Average Angel" are:
I'm not an imitation
Knock off duplication
You think I'm less than perfect
But don't you know I'm more than enough

Thinking it would be fun to see his reaction, I played Tiffany's songs to my 1-year-old son. Drawn to its strong rhythms, he immediately started dancing to the music and made his unique happy sounds.

If you love pop hip music or you've got a teenage child who does, Tiffany Giardina is definitely worth checking out. You may help this rising young star by requesting Tiffany' song "No Average Angel" at Radio Disney. You may also enter your kids into the "How Fun it Can Be To Request Tiffany on Radio Disney" contest, featuring such great prizes as an autographed tour backdrop used on 2 of Tiffany's tours, a personalized letter from Tiffany, an iTunes gift card, or an autographed album. The best 25 of the first 50 entries will receive a Tiffany locker poster, an exclusive CD sampler, and promo cards. Contest ends on May 22nd. See the rules here.

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