I Want To Be Diaper Free!
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I Want To Be Diaper Free!

When do I start? It's probably the most commonly asked question about potty training. The expert answer is probably "when your child is ready."

We experimented with infant potty training, which may sound radical or impractical to many parents, but we have been quite successful in our attempt and our son clearly likes to be diaper-free.

We noticed when he was only several days old that our baby would make a special face whenever he wanted to poop. So we followed his body signs and let him release in a container instead of a diaper. Later on we started to time how often he pees at different times of the day and potty trained him accordingly.

Not surprisingly we had a lot of funny, stinky accidents, but by he was 7 months old, our son had become used to sitting on his bear-shaped potty and doing his business there. Now he only needs to wear diapers during the night. Fewer and fewer accidents happen when he is diaper-free or in cloth diaper during the day. I can't remember how many times he tried to take off the disposables that we had to put him in when we went out together. Babies know it's more comfortable to stay dry and we as parents could make the effort to help them be freed from diapers as early as possible.

The Parent Bloggers Network has teamed with Pull-ups for a potty training blog blast. You may learn more about potty-training through The Potty Project. You could win one of five Flip video cams by sharing your own potty-training tale.

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Cammie said...

pretty impressive that you were able to p/t him that early!! Welcome to SITS!!

Charndra at Part Time EC said...

Hi icefairy,

it's great to hear about your start to becoming more diaper free with Elimination Communication!

I'd like to invite you to visit my new site on EC, and perhaps review my free introductory guide about baby Pottying, The 7 Secrets to Developing Your Diaper Free COnfidence. That would be awesome.


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