Handed Down From My Mom
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Handed Down From My Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Not until I became a mom myself (about 1 year ago) did I start to fully understand what it takes to be a good mom. To celebrate this special holiday for moms, I'd like to thank my dear mom for all that she has handed down to me!

When I was a little girl, I often felt hurt when someone told me that I didn't look like my mom. My mom is so beautiful. I want to be her! But now I feel so blessed that my mom has handed down so much to me to make me a better person. Like her, I'm optimistic about the future. That may partly explains why I love entering giveaways;). She taught me not to waste things and to live frugally. That's why I can proudly say that I'm debt-free. She showed me the importance of being an independent and responsible woman. That helped me earn respect, trust, friendship, and even love (in the case of my husband) from others. There are a lot more things, small and big, that my mom has handed down to me, which I will not laundry list today.

I just wonder how often you have said Thank you or I love you to your mom? I know that I've taken her love for granted for so long that I haven't said those lovely words as often as I should. I'll start working on that!

BTW, I learned from Parents Blogger Network that JOHNSON'S has started their second annual Celebrity Hand-Me-Down Auction on eBay. Each donation by celebrity moms will raise money for JOHNSON'S Global Charity Initiative. And you could win $250 for sharing what your mom handed down to you!

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tracy said...

That was a beautiful post about your mom... a wonderful tribute to her...

and wow on being debt free!

i wish!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

What a great post and wonderful tribute to your mom! I don't think people truly can understand their parents until they've had children of their own - while I appreciated my mom and all she did for us kids growing up, I never realized the full extent until I had a child of my own. :)

Stopping by from MBC's Follow Me Club - I'm your newest follower...have a Happy Mother's Day! :)

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