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Clean As You Go

The Parent Bloggers Network has called for bloggers to share their cleaning tips and to enter to win $5,000 at How I Clean Now. I'm not a cleaning expert, but I do recommend what I call Clean-As-You-Go as a great tip. It's very easy to implement. Don't sleep on your cleaning problems and you'll find cleaning a lot more manageable as part of your daily routine.

Here are a few examples of how I follow the clean-as-you-go principle:
  • Wipe out the grease right after cooking
  • Wash the dishes right after eating
  • Spot clean the food stains as soon as they're spotted
  • Do the laundry as soon as there's a full load in the washer
  • Vacuum the carpet/floor once a day (I recommend iRobot to make your workload a lot lighter)
You may find it hard to do at first, but it will benefit you considerably over time as few cleaning needs accumulate in your house. As a side note, you may want to try the new Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner to help simplify cleaning.

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