SK Beauty Club is Recruiting NOW
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SK Beauty Club is Recruiting NOW

Do you love to try new products for free and provide your honest opinion about them? If the answer is yes, then you don't wanna miss the opportunity to join SK Beauty Club, an exclusive consumer review panel put together by SheKnows.

About the SK Beauty Club review panel

The program, in 10 words: Get free stuff. Review stuff. Get more stuff, other perks.

Each hand-selected members will get to preview free new products and services of interest to women and have the opportunity to use them in their own homes!

These VIP reviewers will then post their thoughts on these goodies and services in a special SK Beauty section of the message board community. Posts will be accompanied by an icon signifying the VIP status as a person of influence, who is helping other women make well-informed decisions about how to exercise their purchasing power. (As a SK Beauty Club member, you will not be paid for your reviews -- we want your sincere and honest opinions on the products you are sent.)

When you accept a panel invitation, you will become part of an exclusive community of women.

As a SK Beauty Club reviewer, you will:
  • receive FREE products/services to try out and review
  • write/record reviews to share with other moms as well as the manufacturers

In addition to the free products, SK Beauty Club members will get the following!
  • 3,000 points per month to spend on goodies at
  • A special SK community avatar (other SK Beauty Club graphics will also be available)
In your reviews, you should:
  1. Describe how you used the product/service, and your experience with it.
  2. Be honest: you don't have to pretend to love everything that is sent to you.
  3. Post photos or make a quick video of yourself using and/or enjoying the product.
  4. Include the full name of the product and the manufacturer.
Reviews may be written (minimum 200 words) or filmed for a video clip (minimum 1 minute), and should be posted to the SK Beauty Club message boards. Think you might not have quite enough time? It's fine to give products to a friend or neighbor to test out, however, you will still need to post their review of the item/s under your user name with their "guest reviewer" status mentioned in order to maintain your membership review quota.

Want to be a SK Beauty Club member?

The program is limited -- sign up now to apply or to get on the waiting list! New members will be added based on quality/completeness of application as well as the order of applications received.

If you are interested and want to become a member please send the following information to This information must be received by Friday, March 13, 2009.

1. Your message board nickname (if you have one)
2. The link to your posted review on the SK boards (if you posted one)
3. Your real name*
4. Email address*
5. Physical mailing address*

I'll provide more details about SK's points and prizes program in a future post.

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