My Most Precious Treasure
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My Most Precious Treasure

I've been waiting for the right time to start my very own

blog. Now it comes. My son just turned 300 days old! The

7-pounder that took me 13 hours to deliver without any

pain relief has now grown into a super cute, active, happy

baby! Every single moment I've spent with him is so sweet

and rewarding!

I name my blog as icefairy's Treasure Chest because I

wanna share (or shamelessly show off) the treasures I've

collected and will find. It's gonna be great fun! What do

I get in my chest? Freebies, paid surveys, giveaways,

points-for-prizes programs--all the good stuff that are up

for grabs on the Internet!

But my first post is dedicated to my baby boy, the most

precious treasure of my life, for whom I started treasure

hunting. He loves to smile, to chew on everything within

reach, to pull up in his crib, to fly a ballon, to turn

the light on and off, to clap hands, to dance to the

music, to throw kisses, to...I can keep bragging about all

the cute things he does for hours. Sorry that I don't feel

secure enough to share his pictures. I'm afraid he's so

desirable that someone might steal him from me.

So much for the first post. I'll keep the goodies coming


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